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spacerSneh Victoria Schnabel

Sneh Victoria Schnabel

Sneh Victoria Schnabel

Sneh Victoria Schnabel



Sneh will lead an English-language workshop:
The Many Mysteries of the Path
29. May – 2. June 2019

You can read and download information regarding the workshop here.
You can read and download further information related to the workshop here.



Shepherd HoodwinShepherd Hoodwin
is an American channel from California, who specializes in the fascinating Michael teachings, which are concerned with how we set up our lifetimes. He has been channeling Michael since 1986. He also does intuitive readings, mediumship, past-life regression, healing, counseling, and channeling coaching (teaching others to channel).


In September and October of 2017, Shepherd led three introductory workshops in the Michael Teachings in Freiburg. These workshops were very special, and the participants asked for a sequel–with more time and more constellations.
Shepherd loves constellations work and hopes it will find its way into the Michael Community.

Advanced Intensive:
The Michael Teachings and Constellations Work
co-leaders: Shepherd Hoodwin and Sneh

1.–4. May 2019
This workshop will be conducted in English without translation, although Sneh will be available for occasional translation and clarification. Shepherd speaks slowly and clearly, making him easily understood by inexperienced ears.

Shepherd will share his vast knowledge of the teachings, and of the many ways we can learn to open up to intuition, wisdom, humor and healing.
Sneh will be creating constellations, each one of them a painting or a sculpture in the making, that helps us to connect to our soul and to the world of spirit: our home.

On two days, Shepherd will do a channeling, during which Michael will speak directly to us as a group. During the channelings, there will be space for questions. Some of those questions might have to do with the teachings themselves, and some with difficult situations in your life. And some might be the result of being inspired by being a part of the group itself—as if they were waiting for the right moment in time.

Together, we will work on getting to the heart of the teachings, and on how to be able to have them enrich our daily lives.

”Although they deal with the large picture, the Michael teachings are grounded and relevant to our daily lives. People typically find that the insights they gain are highly useful and liberating. They help us understand why things are the way they are and how we can effectively work with them. This results in increased acceptance of ourselves and others, ultimately leading to ‘agape,’ or unconditional love: our highest goal, according to Michael.”

”When Constellations work meets the Michael Teachings, we not only understand with our minds an all-encompassing system built on love, but we also get the opportunity to experience the teachings in our gut.
The bodily experience which a constellation is able to provide can act as a bridge between the intellectual understanding that we are not alone, and the knowledge of the body—that can feel and sense the presence of the other world as true, beautiful and filled with energy.”

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