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Constellation work deals with the very roots of our lives. Our parents, grandparents and ancestors are at the foundation of our having life. From this simple giving and taking emerges an intricate web of relationships and bonds that makes us part of our family, part of our country, part of our continent, part of this world and part of all the good and bad things that ever happened.

Constellation work, originally discovered by Bert Hellinger, is a  highly efficient tool to learn if one is entangled in another person’s life story. It can help to reveal hidden loyalties to those who suffered, who became victims, and to those who became perpetrators. And through it we can find ways how to come back to our own path. When we discover how deeply affected by previous generations our lives can be, we can start to see our individual suffering in a new light. Love’s flow can then be redirected and transformed; bringing the forgotten and dishonored back in our heart; acknowledging their fate without interfering and without judging; rediscovering our very own belonging to family and earth - not only as human beings, but ultimately as belonging to all living beings, as one of the children of this earth and universe. More information

Other ways of using constellation work soon emerged from the fast spreading field of constellation facilitators. With Mathias Varga von Kibed and his wife Insa Sparrer, a whole school of "Structural Constellations" emerged, a highly creative way of using structures to cope with complex issues in all areas of life,. With Gunthard Weber and others, the field of Organization Constellations came into existence; a very useful tool to understand the dynamics in profit and non-profit organizations. And soon, a whole branch of constellation facilitators in the field of health developed constellations for homeopathic medicine, for symptoms, for health and illness and related issues. With Siegfried Essen and his constellations of the "I and the self", and his letting people create and “un-create” themselves and create themselves anew, the field showed yet another direction for the work.

Bert Hellinger himself left to new horizons with "movements of the soul" and lately with "movements of the spirit mind". I felt soon drawn to explore the connection between spirituality, shamanism and constellations, including ritual work wherever I came to a halt with constellations. I started to include whatever I had understood about community life and spirituality from First Nation people, with whom I had the honor to work with and from the people of Hawai'i, with their rich and ever modern way of looking at the body, mind, heart, and spirit. (Leslie Kuloloio, Elder of Hawai’i, Maui). The very important teachings on trauma work (Somatic Experiencing according to Peter Levine) further changed and refined the way I work in giving much more time and care to how the clients need to move and what resources need to be included to allow the inner system to expand.

For more information read my article CHAOS CONSTELLATIONS more information 

Constellations were originally designed to be done in a group. (Though some situations suggest to do the work in an individual setting.) The facilitator, together with the client, will explore the issue in gathering information about the participant’s family or other system, focusing on factual information about tragedies, trauma, difficult destinies, and other events that marks the client or the client’s system. The participant can then choose representatives for the people or parts in question, and place them in relationship to each other according to the inner picture. Or the group members can offer to stand in roles that “speak to them” and also find the place they feel they need to stand in. And, invariably, an amazing, often mind-boggling thing happens: the representatives will start feeling sensations and emotions related so intimately to the true family members, that people oftentimes are shocked and relieved at the same time about the accuracy with which the family drama unfolds, revealing the hidden links to their own life’s drama. With more and more information unfolding, words and actions can be found (by the representatives and/or the facilitator) to free the entangled from misdirected love, identities, and fates. And step by step, in finding the true and original order ("the order of love"), the members of the client’s system (representatives) can find the place where they truly belong. They can feel peace and acceptance, and so can the mind, heart, and soul of the client.