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Sneh Victoria Schnabel

Sneh Victoria Schnabel



Open workshops, self-exploration groups, systemic constellation groups, and trainings.

Without signposts–and with only the heart as compass–the wanderer on the path less traveled will follow the way of the soul.

This School represents a way of learning that can only be experienced when we are ready to leave behind our well-known paths; the roads we usually travel; the highway we automatically take; the pathway well-cared for.
Yet only in acknowledging what we received as gifts and challenges while following those former paths, will the teachings of the lesser-walked path reveal themselves and guide us to where we need to be.

And even if our old path has been a well-respected one–the opposite or anything in-between–we must be ready to leave behind the whole range of attitudes and belief systems that were part of its fabric: our “holy” intentions; grand concepts; our good name and good standing; the safety nets to which we have clung; and definitely our need for being welcomed, appreciated and loved. It can be done. Others before us have taken this path–and still do; people who did not let themselves be kept away, neither by fear, greed nor doubt.

And sometimes people must turn back–perhaps only to feel, understand and discover how very right the path has had been in its own time–and to be free to understand that the time has come leave it and find a different one.

However long each path will take, we all will reach our goal–everyone in one’s own good time.
And we will not miss a thing, and will arrive where we need to be exactly when the time is right.